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Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Washington DC has some of the most confusing cannabis laws in the United States such as "Initiative 71". We all are aware that the consumption of marijuana for both medical and recreational uses is now legal.

However, selling cannabis for recreational uses is still not considered a legal activity in Washington DC. You cannot buy it directly from any weed store in DC but you can consume it.

In this article, we'll give you everything you need to know about Washington DC's cannabis laws, including Initiative 71 and how you can get cannabis from Weed Stores in DC.

Initiative 71 compliant gifting cannabis law DC

Initiative 71 compliant gifting cannabis law DC

In 2014, voters in Washington DC passed a law called Initiative 71, commonly known as I 71, which made cannabis consumption legal for adults 21 and over. It is allowed to consume up to two ounces of recreational cannabis, grow marijuana, and transfer up to one ounce of weed in Washington DC.

Also, anyone 21 years of age or older in DC can gift up to one ounce of marijuana.

Initiative 71 was a major step in cannabis legalization in Washington DC, but there are still some restrictions on the free consumption of cannabis in DC. It is still illegal to drive in public under the influence of cannabis. You are also not allowed to sell cannabis regardless of quantity.

Many people grow their cannabis at home, while others obtain it from friends or family members. Donation stores or cannabis gifting stores are also available where you can donate money in exchange for cannabis.

Find an I-71 Compliant gifting Weed Shop DC

Find an I-71 Compliant gifting Weed Shop DC

Now as it is clear about the I-71 law, you would be doubting the purchase of cannabis in DC. There are some ways to get around it.

One option is to visit a medical marijuana dispensary in DC. But it will be a long process. To legally consume weed you must first obtain a medical marijuana card from a licensed physician in DC. Once you have your card, you can go to any dispensary in DC and buy cannabis for medical purposes.

This process typically involves obtaining a recommendation from a doctor and then registering with the state. Not everyone is eligible for this. In addition, DC has a limited number of marijuana dispensaries which makes the process even more complicated.

In addition, under the I-59 law, you can buy medical marijuana in DC. Under this law, patients with certain medical conditions can use and possess marijuana on the recommendation of a doctor.

There is one more option to get weed that is to find a "gift economy" weed store In DC. These types of shops operate under the premise that it is illegal to sell cannabis but gifting is allowed as per I-71 law.

Cannabis Store in DC with I-71 Gifting Policy

Cannabis Store in DC with I-71 Gifting Policy

Whenever you plan to buy weed in DC, it is important to keep in mind that the weed store must have gifting services. As you cannot directly purchase cannabis products, you must find a store willing to gift you the cannabis in exchange for another item of equal value.

To find weed in DC, the best option is to find a gift economy weed shop in DC. You can go to a weed store with a specialisation in "420-friendly" gifting services. These shops commonly sell cannabis-themed products like t-shirts, pipes, and other paraphernalia.

Some stores also have a section of products like gummies or brownies for adults only.

With our recommendation, Green2green Weed is the best Cannabis Dispensary & Weed Delivery In Washington DC for purchasing weed legally following I-71 Compliant gifting and 420-friendly policy. There is No medical card required and you do not need to be a resident of DC to purchase your cannabis products.

Green2green Weed Delivery Services

Green2green Weed Delivery Services

One of more best options to get weed is to find weed delivery services in Washington DC. These shops provide weed delivery to your place of order. They work similarly to gift economy weed shops, but they will deliver the cannabis directly to your door.

Weed delivery Services provide a high level of comfort and convenience to weed buyers as they get their delivery to their own place in less time.

Green2green weed delivery service in Washington DC is the choice for you as they deliver your weed order to your home. Curbside pickup is also available there.

Initiative 71 Penalties for DC Weed Stores

Initiative 71 Penalties for DC Weed Stores

It is essential to note that the penalties under cannabis Initiative 71 are only for selling cannabis, not for gifting it. So if you get caught in DC gifting cannabis to someone then you will not be subject to any penalties.

So, If you are caught selling cannabis in DC, you could be subject to a number of penalties, including up to 60 days in jail and a fine of up to $500.

However, the penalties are much harsher for weed stores, which may lose their business license or certificate of occupancy.

What happens if I possess weed under the age of 21?

What happens if I possess weed under the age of 21?

If you are under the age of 21 then you will not be able to get weed in DC because the legal age to possess and consume cannabis in DC is 21 and above. Hence, if you are caught having cannabis with you under 21 of age then you can be liable for a fine and even possibly get arrested.

Also, if you are caught with more than two ounces of cannabis with you then there are also some chances to be subject to additional fines as well. This is because possession of two ounces is only legal in DC.

Growing Recreational Cannabis in DC

Growing Recreational Cannabis in DC

It is currently legal in DC to grow up to six cannabis plants in your home. However, you can only grow them for personal use and not for selling them in DC.

It is also important to keep in mind that your plants should not be viewed in public, that simply means you cannot grow them on your balcony, front yard, or in front porch.

If you’re caught with more than six plants or selling the cannabis you grow, you could be subject to the same fines as if you were caught selling cannabis.

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