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Top Indica strains in 2023


'Indica' is one of three types of weed strains in the heritage pot classification system. Indicas can reduce stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. This is why many people prefer Indica cannabis strains over Sativa-Dominant and hybrid strains.

Many reviewers also say they use Indica strains to help manage symptoms such as bloating, muscle cramps, nausea, and other body issues. It is very difficult to find pure Indica strains. If you're looking for the perfect stress reliever to ease your social anxiety or just to help you relax and fall asleep, look no further.

Information on the top Indica strains in 2023

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush was the first strain used to make hashish products. It is one of the rare pure Indica strains and is known for the intense relaxation and euphoric effects that it produces. Hindu Kush is another classic strain that novice and experienced users alike can celebrate.

They are high-THC and quick-blooming, perfect for growers of any skill level looking for a heavy call. Hindu Kush is sweet and earthy, with a hint of tartness and lemon. The flowers have an aroma of pine with a scent of sandalwood with long-lasting effects which is truly a treat.

Hindu Kush comes from hardy Indica plants that are smaller than other cannabis Indica strains with larger and denser flowers in the Indica crystal culm. Suitable for growing in temperate/continental, sunny/Mediterranean, and cold/cold environments and weather conditions.

As one of the few pure Indica strains, Hindu Kush produces a powerful body and couch-lock effect producer that provides a relaxing sensation that will keep you on the couch all night long. The Hindu Kush can be difficult to find. If you find it in a dispensary, be prepared to overpay for this particular product.

Hindu Kush can vary from about 13-21% in THC content. CBD levels in the Hindu Kush range between 0-0.15%, with the average plant producing 0.059% CBD.

Granddaddy Purple

California-born Granddaddy Purple is an Indica-dominant strain. Granddaddy Purple produces some of the most beautiful looking and smelling plants you will ever have the pleasure of growing.

This plant has a delicious flavor that tastes exactly what it looks like – grapefruit. Consumers report that they love the beautiful buds, flavor, and sweet scent, prompting many cultivars to mimic the attractive violet color. So, these buds are what bring out the purple color in most popular Indica strains.

Suitable growth conditions are temperate/continental and sunny/Mediterranean climates.

Granddaddy Purple packs a mighty purple punch, with a THC content level of around 23% and virtually no CBD. With high THC levels and delicious flavors, these seeds are beginner-friendly and yield about 18oz of weed per seed.

With so much THC, Granddaddy Purple is a nighttime strain often used at the end of the day. Users love the calming effect of this popular strain, though it keeps you from knocking out a couch-locked effect like the Hindu Kush.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Indica strains are considered one of the easiest weed strains to grow and sell. Northern Lights is still in the air for which precise strains make this the perfect Indica. Most said to be a close cross between a Thai and an Afghani, Northern Lights offers a solution for those looking to grow because of its high yields, no-stress growing, and good sales from this favorite breed.

They don't have very strict growing requirements, but they do have moderate THC levels and delicious flavors that will make you proud of your harvest.

Suitable for growing in temperate/continental, and sunny/Mediterranean conditions, recognized for their distinctive skunk flavor and odor, Northern Lights still offer a sweet aroma with a slightly pungent aroma. If you're looking for a lazy day or evening, just a hit or two of the Northern Lights will do for you. Everyone loves it. We love it. If you like to feel calm and totally relaxed then you will love this one too.

Northern Lights packs a stronger punch than most of the top ten Indica strains, with resinous buds ranging from 22% to 33% THC content and <1% CBD content. One of the more average-sized plants, they provide a large yield of up to 22oz per plant when grown outside (or 18oz inside).

Afghan kush

A variety that came to us from the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, Afghan Kush is famous for its large, resinous buds that are often used to make hashish products. This breed is known to provide a high yield when grown. The breed that came to us from the mountainous regions of Afghanistan.

This Indica stands out from the rest because it contains some CBD. So Body High will really be at the forefront of your experience. Grab some snacks, snuggle up under a blanket, and feel instantly relaxed in both body and mind. If you are troubled by chronic pain, then take a direct remedy. You can laugh a little bit about how relaxed you really feel and we support that.

Afghan kush is fruity, with some describing the flavor as mango or orange. The floral scent evokes an earthy, fragrant cedar scent that is incredibly satisfying.

They must be hardy enough to grow in the region from which these Cannabis indica strains come. The CBD and THC content in Afghan Kush is typically around 20% THC and 5% CBD content, offering the best of both worlds. Afghan Kush is known for growing on strong branches that provide large stems that are loaded with buds.

White Fire OG

White Fire OG Feminized Seeds are high-THC seeds that grow an incredibly potent plant with wicked THC levels and an earthy aroma and flavor.

With 26% THC levels and 0.8% CBD levels, this strain has some very specific growing requirements, so beginners may find it too challenging.

It's a well-blended flavor of spice, herbal, black pepper, pine, and an Indica-leaning hybrid. The Fire OG x White is the normal genetics of the White Fire OG. It helps in relieving anxiety, rheumatism, spasms, depression, insomnia, migraine, and tension.

Suitable growth in temperate/continental and sunny/Mediterranean climates.


Zkittlez gets the tag of an Indica strain all its own, tastes the rainbow, and grows the rainbow. Zkittlez Autoflower grows some of the cutest plants to use. In addition to mouth-watering flavor, these seeds are incredibly easy to grow, beginner-friendly, and perfect for quiet social sessions thanks to their moderate THC levels.

They have a THC/CBD level of 18% THC, and 0.3% CBD and give off a fruity, sweet, earthy, and citrus flavor with berry, earthy, grape, grapefruit, and sweet. It is a balanced hybrid. Zkitellz x Ruderalis is pure genetics. Zkittlez helps relieve anxiety, arthritis, depression, insomnia, migraines, and stress.

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